What We Put in Little Hearts

Both my undergrad and master’s degrees were in education.  I know textbook child development and I have learned what the books say about how impressionable little minds are.  Brain research intrigues me, especially what discoveries have been made about how much even babies can learn.

But none of that really registered until I had two little people of my own in my house.  I also learned that despite all of that head knowledge the busy-ness of each day – making breakfast, brushing teeth, settling arguments, cleaning messes, driving to gymnastics, and on and on and on – can drown out the things that we want to put into the hearts of our little ones.

–  I want to teach them to value  God’s Word – but I barely squeeze in a Bible story before bed.

–  I want to teach them to give to others – but the constant question at Christmas is “What are you getting?”

–  I want to teach them to value prayer – but then we rush to get to bedtime.

–  I want them to have a heart for missions and serving others – but our time is spent either being “busy” or resting from being so busy.

I know that there is a great gap between what I envision planting in my kids and what the volume of our days actually says.  I also become increasingly aware that the days are slipping away.  How are mine 3 and turning 5?

Today we had a neat opportunity to put the right things in their hearts. We got to deliver food to some needy members of our community.  My prayer is that in our family, these occasions will be more of the norm and not the unusual.

As the mama, I must fight EVERY day to invest in my own kids.  If I’m intentional about my church ministry, I must be even more intentional with the babies God has entrusted to me.

2 thoughts on “What We Put in Little Hearts

  1. Two things I know,it is hard to believe how fast our kiddos grow up and I do know that you invest in your little ones. My youngest will be out of high school before I am ready and even before I know it. The times my kids and I have together when it is just me and one of them is priceless, the morning school ride, coming home from church, a ballgame, even shopping, just good quality time. I treasure every moment.

    I think often about something Brother Jim said about all the kids he has invested in during his ministry career and his child(ren). The statement keeps everything in perspective for me.

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