What We Are Doing for Easter

Social media is buzzing with everyone’s plans and preparations for Easter.

Here is what Easter looks like in our world this year:

–  For the first year in many years we are not hosting our city-wide Easter Celebration.  This has typically been a huge event at a local park with a few thousand people.  It was a really tough call to decide not to do it this year, but I feel it was the right one.  The park the city wanted us to use had one way in and one way out.  We blocked traffic for miles!  So two years ago we started doing two events – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Which really means double volunteers and close to double “stuff”.  The original design was to partner with multiple churches in our community and do it together, but in recent years other churches have wanted to do other things which we totally understand.  All of that to say that it just got too big for us to handle on our own and prepare for Easter services too.  It’s hard to kill something that has become tradition, but sometimes it is the best call for your team and your people. Is it dead forever?  Maybe not?  But for this season, this event is in the tomb.

–  On Easter Sunday we do Bible study for babies – 4k.  Our 5k and up go to service with their parents.  We do this for a couple of reasons…  1.  We believe that worship time together in “big church” is important for families.  At Westwood, we believe Easter is a time that families should worship together and not go separate ways.  2.  Our main kids space is used for overflow worship for when the main worship room gets full.

–  A local radio personality, Rick Burgess from The Rick and Bubba Show, will be bringing the gospel message at all of our services.  We have one Saturday night and four Sunday at our Alabaster campus.  Our Calera campus will expand to two services and our Montevallo campus will fill up their one service.  It is neat to see Alabaster volunteers going to serve Montevallo so that all of their volunteers can worship.

–  Since we don’t have elementary ministry and our preschool team is so awesome, I am helping to oversee our guest services ministry which includes greeters and worship center hosts.  I’m excited to work with this group as we serve people coming onto our campus.

–  The hardest challenge is figuring out when and where my family will worship together.  Part of ministry life, huh?

So what does Easter look like for you this year?

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