What I Loved About Lifeway’s Leadership Pipeline Conference

There are not many topics that I “geek out over” (I’m not sure I’ve even used that phrase), but leadership development is one of my favorites. I got to spend a couple of days last week doing just that.

This past Thursday and Friday I had the privilege of attending Lifeway’s Leadership Pipeline Conference in Nashville. The conference consisted of a day of speakers and a day of coaching. The speaker lineup was incredible: Eric Geiger, Carey Niewhoff, Paul Tripp, Thom Rainer, Mac Lake, and more.

The purpose was to help churches determine a leadership pipeline – a system and structure that is continually developing new people into leaders. This topic is a passion of mine and so I loved being immersed in these thoughts for a couple of days.

The quote that stuck with me the most came from Mac Lake. He said, “You have a leadership deficiency today because you didn’t build a leadership culture yesterday. If you don’t have a leadership culture today, you will continue to have a leadership deficiency tomorrow.”  Truth.

Here are my top five favorite things from the Pipeline Conference:

  •  The Content: I’ve been in ministry for 15 years now and have spent many hours and days sitting in conferences. Usually it is hit or miss as far as some speakers will be good and some not so much. The focus was on creating a pipeline for developing leaders and the content provided spiritual, theoretical, and practical steps for doing so.
  • The Coaching: The second day of our event was a full day of coaching led by Todd Adkins, from Lifeway Leadership. Todd helped our team take the crazy amount of information from the day before and start fleshing it out into practical application.
  • The Environment: I haven’t been to a Lifeway event in several years and I could definitely tell a difference. In the past Lifeway events felt somewhat out-of-date and pretty old school. This event had quite the hipster vibe that {almost} made me feel old. I think this is a great step by Lifeway and made me start asking around to see if this had trickled down into the environments of children’s ministry events.
  • Our Team: I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our staff team over the course of these two days. We had some amazing conversations about leadership and structure. But even more importantly, we laughed an awful lot. We connected in a way that we wouldn’t have under normal circumstances. I often forget that the connection aspect is as valuable as the conference itself.
  • Food Truck Lunch: Y’all, seriously… my lunch was called “Hot Mess” and came from a truck labeled “Bacon Nation”.  It involved fries, ranch chicken, queso, and lots of bacon. You can only justify something like that when you are away at a conference and had been up since 3:30 am.

Thank you, Lifeway Leadership, for providing this experience. I look forward to continuing to take everything we learned to create a leadership culture at West Bradenton.

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