What Christmas Morning Will Look Like at Our Church

I know lots of churches are making all kinds of different choices regarding having Sunday morning services on Christmas morning. I have zero desire to debate the topic, but rather just want to share what we are doing.

  • One service for all generationsWest Bradenton Baptist is definitely a multi-generational church. We literally have great-grandparents and their great-grandchildren there on any given Sunday. Also on typical Sundays we have three different services with different worship styles to reach different generations. On Christmas, we will all worship together – babies through senior adults.
  • Volunteer Low-Intensive – We have amazing volunteers. A big reason that we are not having nursery is we want to honor our volunteers and not ask them to spend their Christmas morning both away from family and missing the church service. They are amazing and totally would have, but we felt it was more important to allow them to be normal people on Christmas morning.
  • Gift/Activity Bags for Kids –  I personally believe it is very healthy both for families and for the church for kids and parents to have opportunities to worship together. I wrote about that topic many years ago. However, we want to equip families to have a meaningful time of worship. And it is Christmas, after all, so we totally need to give kids presents! Each child will get a gift bag on Christmas morning. Babies – 4 year olds will get a precious little baby Jesus doll (you really can find anything at Oriental Trading), cheerios, crayons, coloring book, stickers and a Christmas book. Older kids get fruit snacks, a kaleidoscope, crayons, coloring book, stickers, and an awesome book from Gospel Project.
  • Children’s Sermon – We are going a little bit old school and planning to let the kids come up to the stage for a Christmas sermon. We figured adults and kids might like this retro service element.

I am looking forward to a great and special Christmas morning for our families.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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