We Egged Our Neighborhood Children

One of my goals this year is to better connect with the kids who live right around our church. We took a first step last week when we egged our neighbors. It was not as sinister as it sounds, and if you’re on Pinterest you are probably familiar with the concept.

  • On Sunday morning we had the kids in our kids’ worship environment spend a few minutes stuff eggs with candy and small prizes. They discussed how these eggs would be used to show love to kids in our neighborhood and prayed over the eggs.
  • We had kids in our Wednesday night ministry decorate cards for the basket.
  • We had several teenagers stuff 20 baskets with those eggs and then added Easter invite cards and a card explaining it was a gift from our church.
  • One empty egg was in each basket and the included note let the families know that the empty egg was a reminder of the empty tomb because Jesus is alive.
  • On Friday night we asked families to meet at our playground. We divided into teams and went in search of houses that had kids. We got to talk to neighbors briefly and give away the baskets.
  • We ended the night with some Italian ice on the playground. So outreach and fellowship all in one easy event.

Our kids really seemed to enjoy this easy outreach opportunity. I enjoyed that it was a pr
etty organic event. We didn’t need 100 people
to show up and we didn’t need elaborate structure. We just went and met people. Just like I desire for kids to grow up with missions being a natural part of their life, how awesome if it is also natural to them to reach out to their neighbors.

By the way, our awesome flier that we included in the baskets was done by my friend Jason Lazzaro who does awesome work. Check out his site at jasonlaz.com.



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