The Toddler’s Bible

I am a huge fan of any tool that helps parents and little ones engage in God’s word.  I am also a big fan that helps little ones love His Word at a very early age.  

David C. Cook has re-released their Toddler’s Bible and it is pretty great.  Here are some things I love about it:

–  The pictures are bright and detailed.  There are lots of things for little one’s to look at.  Each picture has lots of things toddlers can point to or can find when Mom or Dad asks.

–  There are lots of stories.  Sometimes picture Bibles are a little too limited, but this one has a ton that you normally don’t get in a little person’s Bible.  It even includes Job and David and Mephibosheth.

–  This Bible doesn’t only tell the happy, sunshine-y stories.  I had to think about this for a few minutes to decide if I really liked that they included Job and mentions about how Egypt wanted to kill babies. That could be a little much for toddlers.  At the same time, though, it continually points towards God’s goodness.  It is not afraid to share with toddlers that sometimes this world is bad and mean.   They are learning that already in their own little lives.  Parents will need to be sensitive to what each child can handle and share the stories as the child is ready.

–  Many stories are interactive.  They ask questions that toddlers can respond to.

In the beginning note to parents and teachers, the author, V. Gilbert Beers, says:

“Above all else, our purpose in The Toddler’s Bible is to help your child fall in love with the Word of God…. your toddler is ready to start building a delight in the Word, a hunger to learn it, a passion to read it.  This is the age to begin building that delight, or hunger, or passion. Next year may be too late.”

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