The Last Few Books I’ve Read

I love reading and I love reading even more on my ipad Kindle app.  I love that I am just a couple of clicks away from having another book immediately after I finish one!  Here’s a quick review of the last few I’ve read… a little bit of an assortment.  (And, FYI, if you happen to be intrigued by one or two and click on the image of the book to order, Amazon will share a few pennies with me)

Keeping the Little in Your Girl: This is one of those books that kinda makes you want to throw up (or is that just me).  Not that it is bad – it is really, really good.  But for me it reminded me that my girls are growing up and it is time to start laying the foundations for conversations that I wish we didn’t have to have.  Most of all, it reminded me that I don’t want to wait too late.

Sticky Faith: This should be a ministry must-read.  Lots of research and practicality about how to help kids develop a faith that is real, genuine and lasting.



Wonder: A teacher friend recommended this kid’s fiction book and I loved it.  It is about a boy who is different and how he and the people in his world deal with it.

Unbroken: This one was longer than I anticipated but it was great.  It is the story of a pilot in World War II who survices a plane crash and being taken as prisoner of war.  I did not expect for so much of the book to focus on the latter part of his life, and I was certainly not expecting the huge role of faith that came into the story.  Great read, though not a quick one, at least for me.

Gone Girl: I love a good twisty story.  And this one was certainly twisty!  Though it had some language you might  not love, the plot twists were unpredictable and engaging.



The Five Dysfunctions of a Team:  I re-read this for a staff assignment and had forgotten how good it is.  We get so trapped in cycles of dysfunction within our teams and we become comfortable in that cycle.  As a result we function at much less than our potential.  Great, great read.  And God bless Patrick Lencioni for writing such great leadership lessons in the form of fables and stories. That so connects better with my brain.

The Explicit Gospel: I started this one awhile back because I wanted to be smarter.  And the Bonhoeffer biography book that my friends were reading was killing me.  🙂  This book would be a great read for any kidmin, because it offers a clear explanation of the gospel and its impact both personally and on the world as a whole.  This laid a great foundation for me as I seek to make sure the kids in my ministry – and in my house – grow up with a super clear understanding of the gospel.


The Fabulous Re-Invention of Sunday School: This was a re-read, based on recommendations from kidmin friends as I prepared for a volunteer training focused on engaging large groups of kids.  I had forgotten how practical this book is and plan to pass it on to some of my large group teachers!


What are you reading?  Please share!

4 thoughts on “The Last Few Books I’ve Read

  1. I’ve read several of these as well. I loved Unbroken! So good. I too read Gone Girl, but I was not a fan. I pretty much read everything Patrick Lencioni puts out, and of course I’ve read The Explicit Gospel (is that your copy from last March – hope so)!

  2. Those all look great! I have been wanting to check out Sticky Faith.

    I am reading a great book called Crucial Conversations: Tools for talking when the stakes are High, by Kerry Patterson.

    Praying the Scriptures for your Children, by Jodie Berndt – very, very good book

    Habitudes: Images that Form Leadership Habits and Attitudes, by Tim Elmore

    And one of my faves: Just A Minute: in the heart of a child, just a moment…can last forever, by Wess Stafford. This is a great one for the kidmin team to read!

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