Teaching Kids from a Worldview Perspective

When I was finishing seminary I had to do a research paper that dramatically changed the way I view teaching, curriculum, and the outcomes we seek in kidmin.  I researched the idea of Biblical worldview, how it is shaped, and why it matters.  Someone’s worldview is the lens through which he/she views the world and filters decisions.  As believers God desires for us to have a worldview that is shaped by His Word.  A person Biblical worldview views life through the lens of Scripture and filters decisions based on God’s instructions.

George Barna really brought this topic to the kidmin community with his book Transforming Kids into Spiritual Champions.  He argues that a very low percentage of Christians actually function from a Biblical worldview.  He also makes the bold statement that a person’s worldview is largely formed by the time that he/she is 13.

A Biblical worldview is formed by having a good understanding of scriptural answers to questions such as, “Who is God and what is He like?”, “How was the world created?”, “What happens when people die?”,  “Who are people?”, “What is right and wrong?”, etc…

I realized that if it is true that the majority of this foundation is laid during the elementary years, it is essential that our children’s ministry be a place where we not only teach kids the Bible but we teach them to think Biblically.

This fall we are re-doing our Wednesday nights with this principle as a motivating factor.  Our content will focus on doctrine and Scripture memory, but each week our small group leaders will ask the kids to talk about the verse they are memorizing by asking:

– What does this verse say about God?

–  What does this verse say about people?

–   What does it tell us about right and wrong?

–   What does it tell us about eternal life?

My prayer is that not only will these questions help them understand the verses they are reading, but also that they will get in the habit of asking those questions.  When they read Scripture other times God can help them form Biblical ideas about who He is, who they are, and what He wants them to do.

We have to get beyond just learning Bible facts and even just learning life application.  We have to help kids get that thinking like God wants us to think will change their lives.

What do you do to help kids think Biblically?  What challenges do you see?

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