Surf Camp!

I have a four year old who is obsessed with the movie Soul Surfer.  Obsessed.  She wants to be a professional surfer like Bethany when she grows up.  Which was hard to explain why that would be difficult when living in central Alabama.  Her first assumption when we decided to move to Florida was that she could now surf.

She was thrilled when we learned about Eternal Summer Surf Camp.  Seriously!  Several churches in the area partner together to put on this free camp that lasts for six weeks on Sunday afternoons.  I want to learn more of the story, but my understanding is that a small group from Bayside Community Church began this a few years ago.

They began the camp with expressing their desire of kids and families to  learn not just how to surf but about a relationship with Jesus.  Hundreds of kids were there.

I thought it was such a cool example of local churches working together to leverage a unique opportunity within their community to reach people.  Awesome!

That is such an awesome question for us to continuously ask in kidmin:

–  What unique opportunities exist in our community that our ministry is uniquely equipped to leverage to reach people?

What have you done or seen done that was a unique opportunity?



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