So Excited…!

For years we have provided Advent Calendars for our families and they have always been a great tool.  This year we are trying something new. We have put our advent calendar online.

Beginning December 1, families can click on the day’s date and access an advent devotional with Scripture, suggested discussion and prayer, and activities you can do as a family.

We have tried to make it not specific to our church, so feel free to share it with your families and friends.  Our goal is for this to be the year that many of us change Christmas for our families.  We don’t want the focus to be on presents and getting, but rather on WHO it should be all about.  Our prayer is that this season and this little tool will help our families focus on Christ every day during Advent.

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Here is a sample of the content:

December 14

Read: Luke 2:6-7

 Read NIrV online       Read ESV online      Listen to ESV online


He’s here!  He’s here!  Jesus is here!

Look at baby pictures of when the kids in your house were born.  Talk about how small Jesus must have been.  Wonder about the smells and sounds around that manger.


Ask God to help you have excitement for the real story of Christmas like it is brand new.  Ask Him to help the wonder be fresh for each member of your family this Christmas.


Sing “Away in a Manger” together.

Make birth announcements for Baby Jesus.  You can do this on paper or online at a site like this.

Preschoolers can also practice taking care of their baby dolls like Mary would have taken care of Baby Jesus

What resources do you use for Advent?  How are you helping your families focus on the WHO this year?  

8 thoughts on “So Excited…!

    1. Hey Carol! We are excited too. This year we made it with a very small team of a writer, a graphics guy, and a web guy. The web guy was volunteer, but he is my husband. 🙂 So thankful for all of the hard work and I hope it helps all of us focus on the WHO of Christmas. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  1. Hi Jenny – I found this link through Amy Fenton. I’m the Family/Children’s Pastor at Rolling Hills Community Church in Franklin. Just wanted to double check and make sure you’re cool if we link directly to the “Who is this Christmas All About” advent from our kids blog?

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