Remarriage and Reality, Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about some of the hard realities that come with remarriage. Now I want to share with you the five reasons I know my husband is the one I need and want to share this roller coaster with.

  1. He loves Jesus. For real. My husband would be the first to tell you he is not perfect. Shockingly, neither am I. But what attracted me to him early on was his passion for growing closer to God. This passion wasn’t some type of youth group-y, hilltop experience deal. This was day-by-day reading Scripture and day-by-day letting God change him a little bit at a time.
  2. He loves my kids. People’s first question about my remarriage usually is asking if he has kids. This summer he all of a sudden gained three step-daughters. We have our bumpy days, but there is no question that he loves my girls and enjoys time with them. Whether it is helping with science projects, listening to all the words, or trying to get the littlest out of bed in the morning, he truly enjoys life with them. He wants the very best for them.
  3. He loves me. I don’t ever have to doubt that. He fights for our relationship. He makes me talk when I don’t want to. He listens when I have lots of words about something that probably isn’t all that interesting. He gets mad for me and fiercely wants to protect me and the girls. He encourages me to do the things I love. He prays for me – out loud and consistently.
  4. He works hard and he plays hard. I’ve never met anyone who will work as hard as my husband does. I don’t have to nag him to do things, I have to nag him to stop doing too much. If something breaks, he fixes it. If the dishes need to be washed, he usually beats me to them. However, he is also a big fan of adventures and roller coasters and days at the beach. We laugh. A lot.
  5. He loves the church and our people. Let’s be honest… remarriage is hard and weird enough. Imagine adding in marrying into the ministry. My life is a whole lot of church and a whole lot of people. I don’t make him serve in children’s ministry, he wants to. He chooses to connect with people. He likes it when I say I want to have people over (even when it is 30 on Christmas Eve!).

I could probably write a list of a hundred reasons, but that might get a little obnoxious. 🙂  The point of this is not to just be gushy, heart-eyes.  The point is: for those of you who are considering remarriage or hoping for remarriage, I encourage you not to settle for less than God’s best. No one is perfect. Don’t seek perfect. Seek someone who is seeking God in an active way that you can see. Seek someone who makes you want to grow closer to God. Marry someone who you can laugh with and who you never have to wonder about their love for you. Remarriage is hard. But it is definitely worth it with the right person and with the desire to seek God’s glory in the ups and downs.

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