Please don’t judge Floridians… Just pray for us

I posted this earlier on Facebook, but thought I would share here as well.

After watching what happened in Houston, I kept asking, “Why didn’t they just leave?” Now living it and having to make these decisions as a family, I am sorry that I judged a situation that I didn’t know. Dan insisted that the girls and I evacuate and we did. But it was a really tough decision because of so much uncertainty. He and so many people that I love are still there, securing homes and choosing safety in those homes rather than the uncertainty and traffic and gas shortages trying to get out. We left Wednesday and it was already bad.

If you’re not in Florida, please don’t judge those who are living it and making the choices that they are. Just getting out isn’t the best option or most feasible option for everyone. We ask that you just pray for Irma to be really over rated and for protection for all of those in the path. I’m trying to keep the girls busy and doing fun things, but my heart is torn as so much of it is still in Bradenton.

God is bigger than this storm. He will be glorified whichever direction the storm goes. People have already lost much in its wake and I pray that in the catastrophe they will find Him.

Please pray for Florida and for all of us, evacuees or not.

“You silence the roar of the seas, the roar of their waves, and the tumult of the nations.” Proverbs 65:7


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