Personal Qualities Every Leader Needs: Servant’s Heart

1151761_waiterThere are plenty of skills and tips and tidbits that leaders can incorporate into their repetoire.  There are lots of things we can learn to do and not do.  But then there are also some core qualities of who we need to BE.  In this last pre-baby blog series, we will explore several of those.

My number 1 would be a personal and active relationship with Jesus, which I just blogged about not too long ago.  So instead of repeating myself (which I do alot these days), feel free to go back and read that one.  🙂

After a true devotion to God, my next number 1 quality would be that every leader needs a servant’s heart.  This should not be a surprise and many people smarter than me have written lots of words about it.  But I think there are too many minutes that we forget to live it out.  We get caught up in volunteers who don’t keep their commitments or what someone did not do for us or what the pastor didn’t announce from the pulpit.  I see too many leaders, especially in kidmin, get caught in more of a victim’s heart than a servant’s heart.

› “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”   Mark 10:45

If anyone could feel entitled, if anyone could play the victim card or if anyone should be allowed to focus on what others should do for Him, it could have been Jesus.

But He didn’t.

He took off his robe and washed stinky feet.  And then He allowed Himself to be mistreated, beaten down, and put on a cross. For others.  For me and you.

› 1.  Serve your pastor.  Stop making a list of all of the ways your pastor could better help your ministry.  Repent of any resentment you feel.  Instead, look for ways to serve him and make his world better and easier.

› 2.  Serve your volunteers.  They are not your employees.  They are people who give up their time because they love Jesus and love kids.  Look for ways to serve them, help them, and make their worlds better.

› 3.  Serve parents.  Yes, parents do goofy things and sometimes make our kidmin worlds a little messier.  What can you do differently to better meet the needs of parents?  How can you serve one of your ministry’s parents this week?

› 4.  Serve kids.  Model servanthood for those in your ministry by seeking to serve them.  Set the example of considering others better than yourself and looking for ways to help.

Bottom line: Be willing to do whatever it takes.  Less complaining.  Less wishing of what others would do for you.  Serve.  Help.  Meet needs.  Love like Jesus.

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