Personal Qualities Every Leader Needs: Level-Headedness

I remember my first kidmin “emergency”.  It was during college and I was a summer children’s ministry intern at my home church in Chattanooga.  One VBS morning I walked in early with a student ministry helper when we heard a “help” down the hall.  A volunteer walked out with blood pouring down her face from her scalp.  I was 19 and I did not love blood!  This was my first true test in how to react in a truly stressful situation.

Leadership is filled with stressful and challenging situations.  They can be small or they can be intense.  Whatever the situation, leaders must remain level-headed.

› “For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

2 Timothy 1:7

When pressure is high, how do you respond?  It is important to remember that those we lead will mimic and multiply our reactions.  People look to us to know how to respond.  If we freak out, we will encourage chaos.

In high stress, we lead out of power, love, and self-control.

–  We seek God’s power.  We lead from His authority.  We take control of the situation as much as the situation demands.  We evaluate the situation and are not afraid to respond appropriately.

–  We remember to lead out of love for all of those involved.  Fear causes us to lead out of self-protection.  Leading out of love forces us to put others’ needs first.  Even in times of stress and times we might need to lead a little more strongly, we still lead with kindness and love for others.

–  We show self-control by keeping our own emotions in check in stressful situations.  We control our feelings and reactions enough to be able to evaluate the situation and develop a plan to respond.

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