Personal Qualities Every Leader Needs: Good Listener

1390187_earpieces_ Yesterday we began a new series focused on personal qualities strong leaders have.  You can read the post about having a servant’s heart here.

The next quality is that of being a good listener. I also recently posted about how we talk too much.  The opposite side is that we need to open our ears and learn from those around us.

› Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19

Take advantage of time with others to listen to their:

› –  Stories – Where have people been? What has God done?  How has He brought them to where they are today?  People have fascinating stories!

– › Feedback – Seek out and then really listen to how others feel about what is happening in your ministry.

› –  Hearts – What are people passionate about?  What is God saying to them?

› –  Complaints – No one really wants to hear complaints.  I know I don’t.  But when we listen with open ears and an open mind, there are things we can learn.  

Good listeners also listen instead of…

  • › prepping what you’re going to say next.
  • › trying to give grand advice.
  • › trying to defend yourself.
  • › Getting angry



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