Personal Qualities Every Leader Needs: FUN!

1340472_smile_signWhy do so many leaders look so grumpy?  Yes, we bear alot of responsibility and yes, we have a whole lot on our plates.  But some of us have allowed all of that to steal our joy and make us pretty much no fun to be around.

Here are some things to remember to up your fun level:›

  •   Don’t take yourself too seriously.  You are the leader and you are important.  But, come on, you are a normal person too.  You may be kind of a big deal, but let everyone else think that, not you!
  • ›  Talk to people.  Don’t be too busy or too whatever to not talk to people.  Build relationships.  Sometimes as leaders we kind of hide.  Get out there and make some friends.
  • ›  Take people to lunch.  Make someone’s day and buy lunch for them.  You don’t even have to talk about your ministry or your job.  Talk about life. Be a normal person.
  • ›  Throw some parties.  Have people over to your house.  Make it a big to-do or don’t, whatever fits your family’s personality.  There’s always a reason not to.  Do it anyway.
  • ›  Smile a lot.
  • ›  Laugh a ton. 

Serve the LORD with gladness!  Psalm 100:2

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