Our Good Friday Family Experience

Each year our church has a beautiful Good Friday service. Last year we really wanted to encourage families to come so we had a light supper and an Easter egg hunt beforehand. It was fun and well-attended, but we did not feel that it truly fit with the purpose of the night.

This year we wanted to do something more meaningful. Our pastor envisioned an event where parents got to share the gospel with their kids through whatever we did.

I was totally on board with this! I am not anti-Easter egg hunt, but there are at least 57 million in our community and I feel they are a whole lot of fun that has just about nothing to do with the gospel. Again, they aren’t bad, but I feel we get the opportunity to celebrate the greatest story in the world so let’s do that in a meaningful way.

Our team created a family experience that involved stations in which kids and parents read scripture, worked through a hands-on activity, and prayed. Each station walked them through a portion of Jesus’ journey from the arrest to the tomb. The concept was borrowed from something Kenny Conley did several years ago.

It was a simple event, but I feel was meaningful and definitely helped kids better understand what Good Friday was all about. We did not have as many kids as we would have for an egg hunt, but we decided from the beginning that would be ok with us. Having a gospel-centered event was a higher priority to us than trying to break an attendance record.

I’ve attached our booklet that served as a guide through the stations. (The booklet will appear to be out of order because it is designed to printed as a booklet :)) easter family event 2018




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