Not Normal: 7 Quirks of Incredible Volunteers – Book Review

Not Normal was released this year at the Orange Conference.  I loved getting to hear the authors, Sue Miller and Adam Duckworth, talk about the content and share many of the key points.  This book truly is not normal because it is written directly to kidmin volunteers.

The premise is that there is a difference between typical volunteers and “not normal” volunteers.  Not normal volunteers display unique characteristics, or “quirks”.

I love that Sue and Adam provide an additional voice that communicates what we all want volunteers to know.  By reading this, volunteers will understand how extremely valuable they are.  They will also understand how much more God has for them when they fully engage in the ministry He has called them to.

My favorite chapter introduces the idea of “owners vs. renters”.  When you own a house or a car, you treat that property much differently than if you are renting.  Sue and Adam compare this to serving. If you really “own” your ministry, you treat that commitment much differently than if you are just renting, or just showing up and checking a box.  The challenge is for all volunteers to be “owners” and fully invested.

I look forward to leading my volunteer teams through this book in the fall!  I do wish it was a little cheaper for that reason, but they do offer bulk rates. 🙂

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