My New Reality: Multisite in a Different Way

As I mentioned yesterday, church has two very unique campuses with very different needs.

Before I explain all that, let me share a God thing.  The worship pastor/campus pastor is Ben Davis, who I knew about before I met him though I didn’t know it. 🙂  Ben worked before at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro with my mentor, Jim Wideman.  I remember Jim telling me that one of his youth guys had left to be the campus pastor at some church in Florida.  Who knew it would be the same one God called me to!  As Jim says, its not a small world but a big God!  It is fun to talk to Ben because we speak some of the same language from both of us learning from Jim (not to mention my girls adore Ben’s girls, but that’s a whole other God thing.)

The multisite strategy here is one with a church planting focus.  The campus is begun with the purpose of it eventually  becoming an autonomous church.  North River Church is a campus that is full of excitement and young families and awesome people.  Currently the church is working through a set of benchmarks toward becoming an independent congregation.

This is a different multisite model than I’ve worked in before, but I like it.  Here are some of the thoughts I’m processing:

–  How does my leadership look different knowing that we are preparing the team to be independent?

–  How can I best serve them to help the team reach families now and when they are their own congregation?

–  What is the wisest way to invest my time in the two campuses to best serve each?

So, if you have answers to all of these easy questions, feel free to comment. 🙂

Bottom line is I love the people of that campus and know that God has big things in store.  I am praying for God to use me to help in anyway that I can!


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