Mentoring for 4th/5th Grade Girls

I’ve been burdened for awhile about how to provide better discipleship opportunities for our older elementary kids.  We have a bunch of girls who really love Jesus and we’ve had parents asking for more opportunities.

And here’s where I got stuck.  See, long ago, this was a passion of mine.  I used to meet with 5th grade girls after school.  I used to do leadership groups with the older kids.  And then I had babies and the ministry grew and I just didn’t have the margin anymore to do that kind of investing.

And along the way I didn’t realize that I was the problem.  That whole paragraph above had way too much I in it.  For some goofy reason I just got stuck in the idea that in order to do that type of ministry, it would depend on me or I it would be one more thing to program and I just didn’t have the capacity for it.  So I did nothing. Smart, huh?

Then God broke through my goofy thinking.  He reminded me of the awesome high school and college age girls we have in our church who love Him.  Most of them were in our kidmin once upon a time and many were ones that I did get to invest more time and energy into.  These are girls that I am so proud of and love them so much.

God showed me that He could use them in little people’s hearts in such a greater and broader way.

So this past week we began a new adventure.  We partnered 15 4th and 5th grade girls with 15 high school/college age girls.  Over the next ten weeks they will:

–  Read a chapter a week of A Girl After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George.

–  Meet at least once every two weeks in real life to discuss what they’ve read, the Scripture they read, and to pray.

–  Pray for each other and touch base in between meetings.

We kicked off with a pizza lunch where little girls and their parents got to meet the big girls and their parents.  The buzz and excitement in that room was awesome.  I can’t help to be excited about what God is going to do through this in the lives of all the girls.

Yesterday Tony Morgan had a blog post that I love, love, love.  He talks about how we have tried to turn discipleship into a program.  We assume if people come to church and maybe take some classes they will be discipled.  But it ends in frustration.

That was the model I was stuck in with these girls.  I thought I had to program and structure it and that made me tired and I did nothing.  When in fact, the most effective thing we can do is let people invest in people!

Have you ever been stuck in your ministry thinking?  How did God un-stick you?  


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