Meltdown Sunday

1062449_sad_snot-nosed_kidSeveral Sundays ago, we had an epidemic of weepy children.  Within 5 minutes of kids’ worship starting, we had 3-4 crying children.  One was my own as she sobbed that the bottom of her shoe was breaking.  What in the world??

Have you ever had a highly emotional Sunday?  Or a week where everyone just seemed a little off.  I’m not sure if the moon was full or if it was just a bad day, but emotions were all over the place.

So what did we do?

1.  Provide as much one-on-one attention as we could.  Sometimes I am that calloused mama that just wants the kid (especially mine) to toughen up… I mean, we are crying about a shoe?  But if a kid is crying in kids’ worship, they probably need a lot more grace and kindness than toughness.  So each crier ended up with a grown up to listen, comfort, and try to find a resolution.  (Shout out to Mr. Jared for gluing K’s shoe back together).  Reality is, sometimes kids are crying over just a shoe.  Sometimes kids are crying about something much deeper that we may or may not ever know about.

2.  Encourage the whole group to stop and pray.  After a couple of worship songs, I had every kid close their eyes and bow their heads. I told them to think about their heart and if there was anything that was hurting their heart or worrying them, they should take those few minutes to talk to Jesus about it.  They may or may not really do this, but we are at least modeling when things aren’t quite right, the best thing to do is turn to Jesus.

3.  Recognize that some days are just weird.  The most predictable thing about Sundays in kidmin is that they are totally unpredictable.  Sometimes you will have a day in which everything just clicks into place.  Sometimes you will have a day when everyone is moody. Sometimes you will have a day when YOU are moody.  God is not surprised and can work through whatever the circumstance.

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