Local Kidmin Friends Are Important

If you missed it, Roger Fields had an excellent idea on his blog a couple of weeks ago.  He declared “Hot Kidmin Wednesdays”.  The premise is that local children’s people pick a day and a restaurant.  If you can go, you go.  If you can’t, no stress.  The emphasis is on relationship and not agenda.

I really like getting together with other kidmin people.  That’s something I’ve learned alot about over the past few years.  And I’ve hosted a couple of local networking events.  But events take time and rsvps and planning, and honestly we have alot of that to do already.  I love the casualness of this idea.

So today we started it in Alabaster!  A couple of great guys from local churches and I met today for lunch.  (I guess ours will be Hot Kidmin Thursdays).   I really enjoyed chatting with them and getting to know them better.  I think Alabaster is a better place when churches try to be best friends.

So, if you happen to be reading this and you are in our area, let me know and you have to come next time!  Wherever you live, let me encourage you to find some friends.  I know you are busy, I am too.  But you have to eat.  Pick up the phone and call local children’s pastors and tell them you want to be their new best friend.

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