Kidmin Wednesday Nights – Opportunities

Wednesday night ministry is more challenging these days. In a previous post we looked at some of those challenges. However, I do believe that Wednesdays are too valuable to totally cast aside. Many unique opportunities exist on Wednesday nights.

  •  Wednesday’s are opportunities for more consistent attendance. Some kids, especially preschoolers, are more consistent on Wednesdays. People are less likely to travel during the week. Sunday mornings fall victim to the temptation of sleeping late.
  • It is often easier for kids to bring visitors on Wednesday nights. Bringing a friend to church on Sunday requires quite a commitment. You either have to go get them early or have them spend the night. Wednesdays tend to be easier logistically.
  • Wednesday’s provide increased time for discipleship and relationship. This point is the obvious one, but can not be overlooked. If used effectively, Wednesday nights can be a great opportunity for kids to dig deeper into their relationship with Jesus.
  • More adults are available to serve on Wednesday’s. Your church may be like mine where you have adults in worship and groups on Sunday mornings. Wednesday nights create more opportunities for service which means more adults in our kids’ lives.

What would you add? Why are Wednesday nights valuable to your children’s ministry?

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