In Case You Were Wondering, I Have the Best Pastor

Let me start by saying that my goal is not to get a raise. 🙂  In fact, my pastor is out of the country and will probably be too exhausted to ever see this.  This is the picture that made me happy today:

This is Dr. Les Hughes sharing the gospel with a little guy in Brazil.  I have a pastor who loves kids and loves children’s ministry.  Here are a few reasons that you should wish he was your pastor (but you can’t have him):

–  He understands the value of children’s ministry not just to get parents in the door, but to reach the hearts of kids.

–  He has allowed us to do what God has led us to do in the children’s ministry, even when that means altering programming, painting the walls, or him preaching from a giant “ship” the Sunday before VBS.

–  When making a list of core values of our church, he listed family first.

–  This year when we had 2 VBS’s he came to the beginning of every single session – both day and night.  He counseled kids on “Decision Day” at both the morning and night sessions.  He is a busy man.  This was quite a commitment.  He also dressed as a pirate one night but I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about that.

–  He supported my participation in infuse with Jim Wideman and asked questions about it.

–  He loves my girls and let’s them give him big hugs. At Christmas he carried my 2 year old down the street while the kids were caroling.  She’s a little bit heavy by the way.

–  He is married to Page who I want to be like when I grow up.

It has been a privilege to serve with Les and Page for almost 10 years.  I’ve watched their kids grow up and they’ve watched my family begin and grow.  I love living life with them and am so thankful to serve in a place where the pastor supports children’s ministry wholeheartedly!

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