How to Help Your Pastor

Yesterday I posted thoughts from my pastor about what pastors desire from their kidmin staff.  One of the greatest lessons that I learned in infuse with Jim Wideman is that our main responsibility is to serve our pastor.  God has placed him as the leader of the church, and our role is to serve him and help accomplish the vision God has given him.  Here are some of the things I’ve learned to do to better serve him.

1.  Make his problems your problems. If something is bugging your pastor or there is something he wants fixed and is in in your capabilities to try to make it better, do it.  It doesn’t have to be in your job description, though don’t step on others’ toes.  Volunteer to help or just go ahead and fix it.

2.  Pay attention to what he’s paying attention to. If you hear him mention a book he’s reading or that he liked, read it.  Listen to his sermons (which means go to church by the way… or podcast if you have to).  The more you think like him, the better you can serve him.

3.  Don’t be annoying. Find the right line between establishing a good, open relationship and being a pest.  I’m probably not good at this one.  Be open with him, but don’t tell him every whiny detail of your world.  Tell him the good things that he needs to hear.  Tell him about what is God is doing.

4.  Keep him from being surprised. If there is a situation that he is probably going to hear about, make sure he hears it from you first.

5.  Be his fan. Talk well of him to your staff and your teams.

6.  Do your job well. My position exists so that my pastor doesn’t have to worry about if there are enough volunteers in preschool or if the elementary kids are learning about Jesus.  He wants those things to happen, but my job is to keep him from having to think about it.  The better I do my job, the more he can focus on leading the church and preaching the Word.

7.  Pray for him. Periodically ask him how you can pray.  And then do it.

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