Helping People Take “Next Steps”

My pastor is passionate this year about helping people find their next step in their walk with God.  For some it may be big like joining a small group or going on a mission trip.  Many, though, need a smaller step.  Some people’s next step might be come to church 2x a month instead of 1.  Some people’s next step may be to read their Bible during the week.  Everyone is on a different part of the path, but EVERYONE  (whether they are not a believer yet or have been a saint for fifty years) has a next step.

Our people seem to be grabbing onto this.  For too long we’ve viewed the Christian life as pretty linear and too often we treat people like they are all in the same place, or they should be.  I think this is overwhelming to some people.  I also like how the language communicates that none of us have arrived.

We are in the process of discussing how to help people identify their next step and then how to take it.  There are things we can do, but I think the most significant can’t be programmed.  Helping people find their next step needs to be on the forefront of our minds as leadership.  How does this flesh out for kidmin?  Here are some things we’re thinking about so far:

– 25% of our weekday education families indicated that they have no church home.  What can we do intentionally to help these families take a next step?

–  We realized our baby dedication needed a “what’s next?”  We are offering a 6 week parenting class with the hope of connecting people to each other to form a future small group.

–  As we plan our huge citywide Easter event, we are trying to think of how to help people take a next step in their walk.

–  In individual conversations with families, we need to be intentional in asking where people are and what their next step needs to be.  In just the past few weeks, I’ve found a family that needs to be serving in 2 year olds and a family who had already decided they needed to find a small group.

–  We need to have very clear next steps for kids who want to become a Christian and/or be baptized.

How do you help families get to their next step?

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