Kids, The Gospel, and Christmas

We all know that the Christmas season should be focused around Jesus.  We know that as parents it is our job to help our kiddos know the true meaning.  We know all that!  But everything gets so very busy and we all get caught in the craziness of the season.  And before we know it we are surrounded by gift wrap and wishing we had spent more time focusing on the right stuff.

Maybe that hasn’t happened in your house, but I know it has in mine.

Bottom line question: Will your kids (and mine) end the Christmas season having focused on the gospel or having focused on stuff?  Will Jesus be a side part of the holiday, kinda equivalent to a snowman or maybe even Rudolph, or will He take center stage?

This year, let’s do Christmas on purpose.  Let’s let the gospel be our focus.  That’s the whole reasoning behind the Family Advent Calendar.  It is the whole reason I keep talking about it with anyone who might listen to me. 😉  We want Jesus to be lifted up during this season in our families.  We want our families to have opportunities to talk about Him.  And we want it to be EASY because we know that family life is hard and crazy enough.

So, help us spread the word.  The Family Advent Calendar begins this Saturday, Dec. 1.

You can read some more about it here and see a sample devo here.


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