Happy Birthday, Kaylie Grace!

859558_10151241825046269_370456971_oMy first baby is 7 today.

She is beautiful, which she may or may not know.  She has the coolest eyes that are slightly different colors.  She has a smile that absolutely lights up a room.  And people (who don’t live in this house) describe her as always smiling and always happy.

She is full of energy.  Non-stop, always talking, always thinking, always doing kind of energy.  She is fiesty and stubborn, which I’m positive she gets from her daddy.

She really is brilliant.  She has her daddy’s brain.  She reads on a 5th grade level and thinks on a whole other plane.  Some days she is too smart for her own good.

She really, really loves Jesus.  She puts me to shame sometimes in her desire to stop whatever we are doing to help people.  Her heart hurts for those who are hurting.  She loves to serve and is extremely generous.  She memorizes Scripture like a tape recorder.

As much as she fights with her sister, she loves her even more. I can’t imagine a Kaylie without a Brenna.  She is so ready to be the “big big sister” and take care of her new baby sister.

Kaylie Bug, we love you more than the planet and I am so grateful God let me be your mommy.

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