Growing in Leadership: Shush!

1074578_its_a_secret_The little people who live in my house have a lot of words. A LOT of words.  But I have noticed that oftentimes ministry leaders have the same problem.  We talk an awful lot and listen very little.

Sometimes I’m entertained at conferences or networking events to hear kidmin people talk alot.  We are very interested in sharing about our own ministries and problems.  We are not so much interested in hearing what others have to say.  Sometimes we even ask for others’ advice but don’t really care to hear it because we already have made up in our minds what we will or won’t do.  Sometimes we like to make our ministries sound like utopia and sometimes we like to make our ministries sound like the worst place to serve ever.  We like to name drop and hint at the great successes God has given us.

And all the while we are missing the opportunity to really truly learn from those around us.

One easy thing we can do as a leader is STOP talking so much.  Whether you are connecting with a hero in the ministry, someone on your staff, a peer, a local kidmin, a parent in your ministry, an elderly church member, a kid… SHUSH.  Listen.  Listen with only the motive of discovering what God has for you to learn.  Ask questions.  Try to hear the person’s heart.  See what you can learn from that person.

And yes, you need to share too.  But only with the intent of sharing your heart and maybe helping the other person learn too.  Not because you have it all figured out or to prop up your insecurities.

I believe you can learn something from anyone.  Just listen.

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