Growing in Leadership: Read!

525706_booksI really do believe that leaders read a lot.  Good leaders know that there is so much more they need to know.

–  Read books in your field.  Read everything you can get your hands on that is related to what you do.  If you are in kidmin, read everything that is out there.

–  Read books that relate to your field.  For children’s ministry, this would include parenting books, child development books, educational theory, etc….  The more you know, the better you can lead.

–  Read books that have nothing to do with your field but stretch you.  These may be books that families in your church are reading or books that are a new subject or will expose you to a different way of thinking.  You don’t have to love it, but reading something different every now and then will help your brain and your perspective.

–  Read theology books.  We want to be solid in what our kids are learning.  Reading theology books are challenging to me, but I’ve found it greatly helps me in thinking through how to teach theological concepts to kids and gives a great foundation.

–  Read blogs.  Find really good blogs that you can learn from and that stretch you.  You can see the list of my favorites on the righthand side.

–  Find out what other leaders are reading.  When you like a leader, find out what they are reading and go get it.  Here are recent lists from two of my favorites: Jonathan Cliff and Sam Luce.  You can see some of my faves in the cool little Amazon carousel on the right.

–  Actually read.  We are busy.  And sometimes our bookshelf fills up with good intentions, but we never actually read what we have collected.  But we do find time to watch lots of tv or linger on Facebook.  Read!


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