Growing in Leadership: Be More Like Him… Seriously.

1173792__jesus_-graphic_on_old_paperAs we look at practical ways to grow in our leadership, let’s start with the Sunday School answer.  You can not effectively grow as a leader without growing to be more like Jesus.

You can certainly fake it.  You can grow in leadership principles.  You can grow in influence.  You can accomplish great things.  You can be a good leader. You can be so good at leading that no one even has to know that your personal spiritual walk kinda stinks.

The sad news is, I think lots of us lead in that way too often.

But if our goal is to be a better leader to be all that God wants us to be so that He gets much glory, we can not skip the part of learning to be more like Him.

So what does that mean?

–  We really do read our Bibles.  Not just to prepare a devotion, sermon, curriculum, or lesson.  We don’t just read for leadership lessons.  We read for Him to shape us, convict us, teach us, and lead us.  Personally.

–  We really do pray.  We quit making decisions on our own.  We quit depending on our own strength for wisdom, strength, volunteers, etc….  We depend on Him and we talk to Him and we seek His path.

–  We really do go to church.  Like to the service. We make an effort to be an active part of our faith community.  We are not busy.  We are not exempt because we are a leader.  We go.  We sit.  We worship. We are part of the corporate body.

–  We really do have a community.  Sometimes as leaders we feel we need to put up walls or create comfortable distance between us and those we lead.  I’m not so sure Jesus did that.  He lived life-on-life with people.  Create a circle of people that you can laugh with, cry with, call in the middle of the night.

–  We really do live on mission.  We live with the intent of sharing the glory and gospel of God wherever we are.  Not just at church. We seek ways to do that even when we are not “on” or in charge of something. It is life.

So why is it a challenge?  Maybe because it is too easy to get by on our personal leadership abilities? Maybe because fixing it requires the humility to admit it is broken in the first place? Maybe because it is easier to fake it than to invest the work in growing spiritually?  Maybe because we truly are busier than anyone realizes?  Maybe because we are doing the Lord’s work all the time, and that counts, right?

Whatever the reason, let us fight to be better leaders by first seeking Him more.

What would you add?  How do we grow closer to Him? Why does it matter in our leadership?

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