Getting Me Out of the Way

Late last night I read a fabulous thought from Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest. God spoke to me concerning the portion that focused on Matthew 11:1.   The verse talks about how Jesus sent the disciples out and then He went to their hometown.  The devotion said this:

If you stayed home when God told you to go because you were so concerned about your own people there, then you actually robbed them of the teaching of Jesus Christ Himself. When you obeyed and left all the consequences to God, the Lord went into your city to teach, but as long as you were disobedient, you blocked His way. Watch where you begin to debate with Him and put what you call your duty into competition with His commands. If you say, “I know that He told me to go, but my duty is here,” it simply means that you do not believe that Jesus means what He says.

So often in ministry, and in life, we are afraid to step out and do something new because of other obligations we feel we have.  For example, we may be afraid to hand over teaching that class we’ve always taught because we are afraid it won’t be done like we want and we feel obligated to those in the class.  We are afraid to go on a mission trip because of our duty to our family.  We are afraid to delegate tasks because our hands won’t be on it anymore and that makes us nervous.  For a mama, it could be as simple as fearing leaving her kids with a baby-sitter or sending them to school – afraid to let go.

How about Jesus can still work even when I  let go of something? How about Jesus can (and will) still do miraculous things in lives of kids even if I’m not the one teaching?  How about He can not only protect my family if I’m out of the country, He might even do things in their lives that He wouldn’t do if I was disobedient and stayed?  He doesn’t need me to just meet some  sense of obligation.  He needs me to obey.  He has more incredible things in store for the kids I teach, my family, my volunteers than I could even imagine.  And a lot of times I just need to get out of His way.

Where do you need to get yourself out of the way?

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