Local Family Mission Opportunities

So, as I’m working on our family mission trip to Belize,  I’m pretty convicted about offering missional opportunities for families to serve together in local settings.  One of our core strategies for our family ministry is for kids to have “challenging spiritual experiences”.

To be honest, though,  it was my almost five year old who God used!  She started crying when I was talking about Belize saying that she wanted to tell boys and girls about Jesus too.  Wow.  Well, I’m not sure Belize is ready for my Kaylie, but I assured her that we can certainly find some ways around here to tell people about Jesus.  So, I need your input again!

Here are the few ideas I’ve thought of:

–  visit local nursing homes

–  visit laundry mats and hand out bags of detergent and quarters

–  There is a homeless shelter downtown that is just for mama’s and kids.  They have times to sign up to take food.

–  delivering cookies or other treats to local police departments or fire stations.

–  Helping at our county’s Baptist Association’s food pantry/clothing closet.

– Handing out hot chocolate at next year’s Christmas parade

–  Doing a workday at local schools

Ok, your turn!  What do you do that families can do together to live on mission?

2 thoughts on “Local Family Mission Opportunities

  1. Hey, I just saw this post on your family mission trip. So stinkin’ cool. We need to talk about this while we’re together too. A few years ago, I took 20 4th and 5th graders to Mexico with their parents. It was incredible! I’m excited to hear more about this trip.

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