Easter Gospel Presentations

Whether it is for a special kids’ service, an Easter Egg Hunt, or any other Easter event, I know I am always searching for a good and fun gospel presentation for this time of year.  Here are a few that I have used in Easter events in the past:

Large Resurrection Eggs

We hid large eggs all around our stage.  Each egg was filled with most items similar to the original resurrection egg sets.  We had a high energy, funny person race to find all of the eggs while the kids pointed them out.  We then opened them in order and talked through the Easter story and the gospel.


I had 5 helium balloons and talked about how we all have a desire to go to Heaven.  Lots of people try different ways of getting to heaven.  I talk about 4 different ways: being more good than bad, hiding our sin, going to church a lot, and believing in something/anything.  For each one I talk about how it doesn’t work… we can’t be good enough… and I pop one balloon.  Finally I talk about the gospel and how Jesus died to take care of our sins.  Instead of popping the balloon, I cut the string allowing the balloon to fly away and talk about how trusting in Jesus  is the only way to go to heaven.

Sin is gross!

We did two versions of this.  First, I had a planed volunteer join me.  We talked about different examples of sin and for each example we poured something “gross” over his hand.  We did syrup, dirt, sand, cottage cheese, and whatever else we could think of that ended up with his hand looking pretty nasty.  We talked about that is how sin makes our heart look. God is holy and perfect and can’t hang out with that yucky stuff. The volunteer then gets to wash his hand off as we talk about the gospel and how Jesus died for our sins. When we trust in Him, God cleans up our hearts and makes us right again.  The volunteer shows his hand is now clean.

A more dramatic example of the same idea is to have a planned volunteer that you can pour a bucket of slime on his head.  This again illustrates how gross sin makes us and separates us from God.  The downside is that the slimed volunteer can’t really get clean quick enough, so it is better to have him go out of sight while you share the gospel.

What is your favorite gospel presentation?

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