ENGAGE Kids While Teaching

Our volunteer team is working through several sessions of training focusing on effectively teaching large groups of children.  In our first session we talked about how we must ENGAGE the kids we lead.  I made up a pretty cheesy acronym to help remember what that looks like: 1.  Exciting.  Kids are repelled by boring.  If […]

People in Our World: The FUN Volunteer

This series is focusing on different personalities we encounter with the volunteers on our team.  Yesterday we talked about the needy volunteer.  Today, we will discuss the fun volunteer. Description: –          This volunteer is the life of the party.  He  is all about the fun.  Kids love him and you often see 5 or 6 […]

Asking for a Higher Commitment

I recently blogged about my passion for having two permanent adults in a room and moving away from our dependence on rotating, monthly teachers.  You can read that here. Now comes the hard part.  My goal is to have 2-3 weekly volunteers in each classroom by the fall.  We have to replace all of those […]