My New Reality

So, here we are… after 15 years + of living in Alabama our little family is in in Bradenton, Florida.  Today marks two weeks in our new home.  I have been amazed at the smoothness of the transition.  God has been so faithful to help my girls make friends and to feel at home already. […]

Choose Your Guilt

This morning our church was doing an awesome morning of community service called “Serve Shelby County”.  I was very fired up about Westwood making an impact in our community and our people getting their hands dirty in service.  I love that stuff.  One of my favorite staff members, Corey Stewart, had worked really hard organizing […]

What We Put in Little Hearts

Both my undergrad and master’s degrees were in education.  I know textbook child development and I have learned what the books say about how impressionable little minds are.  Brain research intrigues me, especially what discoveries have been made about how much even babies can learn. But none of that really registered until I had two […]