The Purpose of Discipline

 It is for discipline that you have to endure. God is treating you as sons. For what son is there whom his father does not discipline? If you are left without discipline, in which all have participated, then you are illegitimate children and not sons. Besides this, we have had earthly fathers who disciplined us and we respected them. […]

My New Reality: What Next?

The West Bradenton campus is an older church in an older building that is filled with some of the most fabulous people  you will ever meet.  The children’s ministry has been led by volunteers who have done a great job and are excited to have some leadership.  They really desire a fresh start in many […]

My New Reality: Our New Church

Allow me to introduce you to West Bradenton Baptist Church. This is actually the church where Nate spent his high school years.  The church has a long and rich history.  Over the past few years we have watched from a distance as God started doing something new here.  Over a year ago we connected with […]

My New Reality

So, here we are… after 15 years + of living in Alabama our little family is in in Bradenton, Florida.  Today marks two weeks in our new home.  I have been amazed at the smoothness of the transition.  God has been so faithful to help my girls make friends and to feel at home already. […]

People in Our World: The FUN Volunteer

This series is focusing on different personalities we encounter with the volunteers on our team.  Yesterday we talked about the needy volunteer.  Today, we will discuss the fun volunteer. Description: –          This volunteer is the life of the party.  He  is all about the fun.  Kids love him and you often see 5 or 6 […]

Awana: Our Loves and Realities

We just finished another night of Awana.  This is probably our 9th or 10th year of Awana at Westwood.  We do try to adapt some to best fit our kids and our church, but otherwise we run it pretty traditionally.  The life of the program has definitely hit a plateau and in our preschool ministry […]

Asking for a Higher Commitment

I recently blogged about my passion for having two permanent adults in a room and moving away from our dependence on rotating, monthly teachers.  You can read that here. Now comes the hard part.  My goal is to have 2-3 weekly volunteers in each classroom by the fall.  We have to replace all of those […]

Helping People Take “Next Steps”

My pastor is passionate this year about helping people find their next step in their walk with God.  For some it may be big like joining a small group or going on a mission trip.  Many, though, need a smaller step.  Some people’s next step might be come to church 2x a month instead of […]

Our New Baby Dedication Celebration

We have traditionally incorporated baby dedication in our Sunday morning services, which basically resulted in a baby parade and a quick repeating of promises of dedication.  It was ok, but it wasn’t the best for our parents.  In fact, when we were rushing to get to our second daughter’s dedication, we were in such a […]

Seeking Wisdom

I think one of the greatest leadership lessons in the Bible comes from Solomon. He has the option to ask God for anything in the planet and he asks for wisdom to lead.  And God was obviously very pleased with that.  Several years ago I memorized most of Proverbs 3.  I don’t really even remember […]