Easter Gospel Presentations

Whether it is for a special kids’ service, an Easter Egg Hunt, or any other Easter event, I know I am always searching for a good and fun gospel presentation for this time of year.  Here are a few that I have used in Easter events in the past: Large Resurrection Eggs We hid large […]

ENGAGE Kids While Teaching

Our volunteer team is working through several sessions of training focusing on effectively teaching large groups of children.  In our first session we talked about how we must ENGAGE the kids we lead.  I made up a pretty cheesy acronym to help remember what that looks like: 1.  Exciting.  Kids are repelled by boring.  If […]

Six Unique Needs of Foster Kids

Catherine Greer shared her personal experiences as a foster mom in our last two posts (here and here).  Today she shares interesting insights into unique needs that kidmin staff and volunteers need to be aware of.   1.  Teachers should keep in mind that foster children lack social skills, including being “bossy”, poor language choices, […]

Foster Care and Kidmin

I so enjoyed our guest posters’ perspectives on adoption and how we can best minister to families who are on that adventure.  I’m most thrilled that you had the opportunity to meet those precious families.  This week we will explore the world of foster care and kidmin. Since moving to Florida, I’ve loved getting to […]