Issues: Gross, Hitting, Inappropriate, Jealousy

This is the continuation of a series where we are sharing tips and tricks for dealing with common kidmin discipline issues.  Many of these answers were compiled by a roomful of people who work and serve in the trenches.  You can see the other posts here and here and here. Gross Proactive: –  Be prepared for the lesson and […]

Issues: Biting and Cell Phones

As we continue our series on behavior issues, it would be bad to not include the following video as our introduction to the issue of biting: By the way, if you are in kidmin and are unfamiliar with Yo Gabba Gabba, shame on you! 🙂 Biting Proactive: –  lots of time biting occurs because little […]

Issues: ADHD & Bullying

Let’s spend some time walking through specific behavior issues that pop up in kidmin and make us or our volunteers scream for help.  A lot of this content comes from the collective brainstorming of awesome workshop participants at the Kidmin Conference.  For each topic we talked about what we could do proactively to prevent the […]