Book Review: Jumping the Track

I’ve blogged before about how I love Roger Fields.  He’s definitely different and I like that.  You can’t spend most of your days shooting toilet paper and not be different. 🙂  But more than that he thinks differently which is a huge asset to the kidmin community.  He’s passionate about teaching so that kids interact with what they are learning.  And as his new book reveals, he is also passionate about following God wherever He leads.

In today’s world we focus an awful lot on strategic planning and long term goals, which I don’t believe are necessarily bad things.  They begin to hinder us, though, when we focus on what our goals and plans tell us to do and not on what God wants us to do.  We seek our personal longterm goals more than we seek His face when facing decisions.

Roger describes in this book his story while weaving in great principles about being willing to do what God calls, when God calls, whether it really makes sense or not and whether or not you are following the path others think you should follow.  Today we seem to default to seeking that which will lead to the world’s perspective of bigger and better, but Roger encourages readers to watch for God’s calls to “jump the track” and do things that are bigger and better in HIS eyes.

This book is a great, fresh voice in the kidmin world.  It definitely challenged me as I read it and I think it will challenge you too.

In fact, Roger gave me a copy to share with you!  Comment below and be entered to win a copy of Jumping the Track.



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