Bibles and Devotionals for Christmas Presents

I’ve gotten two texts this week asking for recommendations for Christmas gifts.

Here are some of what I suggest:

Jesus Storybook Bible

I pull this out over and over again and cannot get over the beautiful ways these stories are told. This book is perfect for preschooler and early elementary kids.



Day-By-Day Begin to Read Bible

For beginning readers (kindergarten – 1st grade), this Bible walks through key stories in the Bible but is written in easy language for early readers. This is a great way to help kids start reading the Bible a little more independently.



Big Picture Interactive Bible 

We use an older version of this Bible in our elementary classrooms. If your church uses the Gospel Project Curriculum, this is definitely a win, but it is a great Bible regardless. I have not tried this part, but there is also an app that goes along with it to make Bible reading an interactive experience. This is a “real” Bible – not just Bible stories. It is ideal for elementary students.


Indescribable: 100 Devotions about God and Science

I got a copy of this to review and it seems like a devotional kids would really enjoy. Most elementary kids are intrigued by science. Each devotion has science facts but ties them directly to Scripture and a spiritual lesson.


Jesus Calling for Kids

I’ll be honest that I’m not a huge fan of the adult version of this, but I think the kids’ version gives an opportunity for kids to get in the habit of reading daily but also to have a daily dose of positive encouragement based on Scripture. Our kids get plenty of negative messages and this devotional reminds them how God feels about them.



Case for Christ for Kids

I am always a fan of helping kids build a firm faith and know why they believe what they believe. If you have a child who has lots of questions or who likes info like this, this devotional might be a good fit.


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