Belize – Wednesday

Noah Hamilton:

Today we went back to Hope Creek School. We had so much fun with the kids that I fell asleep. I helped put pencils & glue sticks in bags for Mrs. Jenny and it was so fun. The pencils and glue sticks are for the Belize kids. After that, I went outside and built a table all by myself. The table is for the Belize kids too. They will love it. I’m glad God has given me the chance to come to Belize.

Missy Hamilton:

It’s hard for me to put into words the swirling emotions that have been running through me since we arrived on Saturday. I’m in awe of all things beautiful God has made in Belize yet my heart aches when I see the structures the people of Belize call home. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not pity but I definitely feel the tug on the heart strings as we drive by them day after day. We as Americans are such a selfish society. We take so much for granted yet the people here are so grateful for the little they have. We complain over malfunctioning Wi-fi and various electronics, we grumble over traffic or lines in the grocery store, we lust over material possessions, we are jealousy of what others have that we dont and why? Why are we always wanting more when some of the kids here don’t even know if they will get supper on most nights. Chew on that a minute… I’ve spoken to people here that see things in such different perspective. They live each day to the fullest of their being and proudly say “I’ll see u tomorrow if God blesses me with that gift” at your departure.The kids at Hope Creek are absolutely precious. My heart melts a little more every day we spend with them. Their stories, their smiles, the outstretched arms that greet us every morning… it’s amazing! I feel I have not only made connections with the kids but with the teachers as well. They are all so wonderful and have a sincere love for their students. To me, they are angels, a shinning example of God’s faithful servants. They appreciate our hugs and encouragement just as much as the children have and look forward to our return each day. It’s awesome! This whole experience has been unbelievable and I pray that God will continue to work on the hearts of those here who may not have found Him yet. I pray that He will strengthen relationships built here and will cultivate them for His glory. I pray that all of you, if hearing the call to serve, will follow in obedience to Him and go. Be still and listen…

Josh Evangelista:
Wow, what a great week so far. For the past few days, PJ and I have been working on a trash dumpster, much needed by our school, Hope Creek. It really opens one’s eye to the simple necessities that are needed here in Belize. However, I am heartened by the friendliness and
cooperation of these people

Aydin Gillen:
I made a new friend named Jalen. I went into his classroom all by myself and sat in his class and was like a student and did Belize work. After that I started building a little table. God has been helping me to make relationships with the kids so that they can learn more about God and then follow Christ Jesus. My favorite part has been making new friends and me not being shy because that was something that I was nervous about so God has helped me with that.

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