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So we have taken over Jenny’s blog. Over the next week each of us from West Bradenton Baptist will contribute a section. Kids and adults, guys and gals. Perspectives can be very different, can’t they? But it’s they best way we know how for you to share this experience with us. Please be praying now for your on name to be on the next Belizean blog.

They have my heart. These kids at Hope Creek school are amazing! One day. That’s all it took. But then, we haven’t been here long enough to scrape off the surface and see what is really underneath. It may be pretty ugly. And that’s ok, because we all are aren’t we? But what the outer shell is made of is beyond awe inspiring.

First, these kids KNOW their scripture. And they have a wisdom that they can see through the spiritual glasses better than a lot of us WBBCers can. The two kid cultures dueled and came out pretty equal. But they are hard to read….what’s their hearts cry?

Second, they have teachers and a principal that are raising the bar on the educational expectations. These kids will only have success if they are willing to have humble, teachable spirits. Here’s what we noticed today the material they use is not relatable. They have fires that begin by instantaneous combustion but stories of fire trucks and ambulances are confusing as they have never even seen them. No one would tell me how the fires get put out. Maybe they just burn themselves out as we pass smoldering piles and burned areas all along our drives. And there is a desperate need for teachers to be better equipped in the art of teaching. Teachers? Ready to come?

Third, they have shown us an immediate love and desire to let us into their world, albeit little bits at a time. Encouragement notes have been written to us. A constant desire to play and include us in basketball, soccer, tag, whatever. They share their snacks, their hugs, and are SO patient when I have to ask them to repeat their names for the 10th time. Yet we know their lives are hard. It’s on their dirty, precious faces. It’s in their eyes that show a wall. It’s in the scars on their legs and arms, and no doubt, their heart.

We go back tomorrow, with the same group of young kids. Wednesday and Thursday we get the teens. And we will certainly get a very different story. From the looks of it, tougher, harder, and just as desperately in need of love and hope. And I don’t think any of us can be more excited!

I was excited about going to the school and meeting new people. We sang and danced. Even I did. I was in Standard 3 class. That means 5th grade. I met a kid named Kevin. He was funny and did not like to read. After lunch I tutored Kevin in reading. He wasn’t that good of a reader. When we got out of the van at the hotel we saw iguanas. And there was also a scorpion on my pants. He must have crawled inside when I dropped them by the bed. I’m feeling a bit scared there might be another scorpion. I am ready to go back to the school and tutor some more kids. What are YOU looking forward to tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Belize – Monday

  1. So proud of you Joshua! I am praying for you and the team as you go back to the school tomorrow. I am also praying you won’t find any more scorpions in your pants! Yikes! We love you and hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow!

  2. Terri,
    You have a lot going on in your brain, you are a very deep person. Always very quite. I guess that”s because you have a lot to think about. Hope you continue to teach and enjoy the experience.
    Kimber Dean

    Joshua, Not good about the scorpion, make sure you shake out your clothes and socks, shoes, anything you are putting on. They can hide in some strange places. Great to hear about your encounter with your new friend Kevin, glad to hear you are helping him read. Maybe you can find someone else to share your many qualities with. Look forward to hearing from the rest of your group. Love and miss you, Granny

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