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Belize is always surprising. One moment you teach a kid how to read, the next you are in a ecstatic scramble to kick a soccer ball. Today I heard the pledge of Belize. The basis was I live for the people around me and I am the hope and future for Belize. In America it is everyone for themselves. Not in Belize. The kids at Hope creek were generous without compare. They gave me a crayon without demand. Your probably thinking “Oh he gave you a crayon”. He gave up what little he had to share. He did what Jesus would of.

George Hamilton:

So today I actually got up in time to see the sunrise only it was a cloudy morning. I read our daily devotion on the end of the dock looking out to the Caribbean Sea. Even though much of the view of the sunrise was blocked by the clouds, the rays of sun that exploded through were beautiful!

Today’s devotion was about being ONE with JESUS. John 15:4-5 Abide in Me, as I in you…

As I heard the waves crash behind me on the shore, the oneness of Gods creation was evident. The water, currents, tides, depths and shallows all working together as one.

My day at Hope Creek was all about relationships. Finally putting names with faces. And building stronger bonds with a few others…one in particular. Some of the team helped move over 100 boxes of the rice and beans that is packed through the Stop Hunger Now program. (The same program we did in our WBBC gym last year!) We even got to take the nice lady who has cooked our lunch home. We got to chat on the way there as she rode in the front passenger seat.

The oneness that Jesus talks about can not happen over night. It is a relationship much like any other that must be built. It must be fed and nurtured. It must mature over time. These are the things that are happening here in Belize between Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus and these beautiful children. The children are being fed food. They are being nurtured with Christ’s love. A Love that is becoming more and more mature daily.

But it takes more than showing Christ’s love on just the school to make an impact. Its showing Christ’s love in the small groups. It’s the intimate interactions with only 1 or 2 children, the sharing of smiles, the hugs at the end of class, hearing them call your name from across the courtyard and run to you just to show some silly trick with their fingers, its the I love you’s, its them asking if you are coming back tomorrow and seeing the disappointment in their eyes when you tell them you’ll be in another class tomorrow, the conversations about their families.

But most of all, its the smiles and laughter. Two simple emotions that are full of Love. Christ’s Love, that will transforms hearts.

It is not until that happens, that we can expect ourselves to Abide in him, and He in us. We are becoming ONE with Hope Creek, so that they can become ONE with Christ.

Heather Gillen:
I woke up today kind of tired and just didn’t feel as vibrant as I had the past 2 days, I don’t feel like I slept any worse than I have been but I just couldn’t shake the yuckies this morning. I remained feeling that way until the moment a line of smiling Belizian children funneled past me with huge high fives and hugs. God immediately filled me with a renewed strength and I was filled with a sense of pure joy when I looked around and saw my framily and a group of total strangers jumping around, singing and praising the name of Jesus!!! At that moment I knew that this was His supernatural power working in me and not of my own strength at all; which true to who God is He knew that I needed to see and feel.

For anyone who knows me you know that I don’t like not having control of a situation, at all 🙂 so this week has made me stretch myself in ways that are good for me but are definitely not natural or easy. However, I have found that at the moments when I truly am surrendering my control over to God I am filled with a peace and calmness that can’t be explained. I really can notice this peace when I am not filled with it (the whole you don’t appreciate what you have until its gone has taken on a whole reality for me this week). The moment I put my “Heather Control Hat” on again I am filled with a tenseness and un-easiness that can’t help but affect my interactions and communication with others. My prayer for each day is going to be that God continues to help me relinquish my control over to Him, empty myself so that He is what fills me so that all that pours out of me will be Him, His love, and His words.

This experience has already reveled so much to me about God, who He is and what He can do in and through me if I get out of the way and let Him…and those things are so far better than what I had planned or could ever do on my own.

I will end my post with a challenge to you, just start with 1 day and give “the wheel” to God and watch and see what He will do, trust me you won’t be disappointed!!!
Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.

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  1. Thank you, Heather, for this. I am much like you, when it comes to letting go, & letting God. I really needed to hear this, & am going to challenge myself by beginning a new practice.
    Hope you are all enjoying the time you have together & can’t wait to hear some more of what God is doing through you over there!
    Praying for you daily!

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