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Today was really emotional. It was really hard to say goodbye…I mean, not to say goodbye but really, until we meet again. It was especially hard to leave my best friend here. I gave him my name tag. I put it in his pocket and told him to remember me. But especially to remember God out of all of this week. This week was different from when we went to Light of the Valley. At Hope Creek the teachers were more fun and interactive with the children. One of the teachers was really funny. We played a game about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. This one particular teacher had to say “I’m so tall” and with his accent, it was hysterical. All the kids laughed; so did he. Since my first missions trip, I’ve wanted to do a long term missions trip to Belize. I hope it’s God’s plan.

PJ Gillen:
Looking back on my time in Belize, the time spent with the Alabama team, and the end of our time with the children, I am left feeling humbled. GOD has brought together an amazing group of people each specifically suited for the situations placed before them. Most of the West Bradenton team had the joy of connecting to the children of Hope Creek, but I along with help from a few friends, served through projects.

Josh, George (in the afternoons), a local man (who was just happy to help), and myself, built some much needed items for the school. A trash bin; so they would not have to use a small building, that they plan to convert into a kitchen/cafeteria, to store their garbage; and two 19′ counters under an awning, the only shade on the school property, for the children to eat their lunch on, along with some benches for them to sit.

Having large group time this evening with both teams and listening to the their incredible stories of: the connections they have made, the “ah-ha” moments GOD has revealed to them, the love the children have showed them through little gifts when they have so little, makes me wish I could have spent more time with the children. However, the guys and I were still able to make a huge difference for the school, and I know the kids appreciate it.

Missions look different for everyone, some evangelize, some serve, and some just love. Love is the most important of all though, it is the foundation of our faith in GOD (John 3:16), and we should reflect that love in all we do. I think the amazing thing is that the reflection looks different for everyone has well, because a part of you is reflected as well. The wondrous gifts and skills GOD has blessed you with are magnified when they are used with love….”AH-HA”!!!

Brenna Funderburke:

God has shown me that you can make new friends here and there

Kaylie Funderburke:
God has shown me that in Belize there a lot of things that are different. It’s just like us, we are all different. Nobody is the same. But our hearts are because of J-E-S-U-S.

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  1. Hello Guys and Gals, I can only say it so many times, it never gets old to me, I love reading your blogs, each and every one of you. Sounds like you guys are doing great work. Keep it up.

    Sincerely, kimber

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