Belize… Here We Come!

Bright and early tomorrow morning this cute six year old and I start the short journey to Belize.  She could not be more excited.  I’m very excited to see what God has in store because there have been a multitude of distractions this week.

Please pray for:

–  Our team’s health and safety, especially the kids we are taking.

–  That we will be on God’s perfect agenda from the moment we land.  He has already changed them a few times. 🙂

–  We have a pallet of supplies that should have been shipped several weeks ago.  The shipping company messed up and it is just now floating across the gulf.  It should get there while we are there. Please pray it arrives!

–  God to open the hearts of the children and adults that we work with.  For any that don’t know Christ, pray that God will open their hearts to the gospel. For those that do, pray for us to equip them to better share the hope and to encourage their hearts.

–  Pray for my other little girl who will be staying here in the States with her Gram.  She has had some weird health things going on this week and I would love for you to pray for her.

I will try to add updates here during the week.  Thank you all for reading and for your prayers in advance. 🙂

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