Belize – Friday

Brandi Spencer:
As we arrived in Belize I couldn’t help but feel pity for its inhabitants. Tiny wooden shacks, abandoned half built structures and children peddling on the streets. Definitely very different from what we are used to even in our poorer neighborhoods. But after meeting the children of Belize and seeing what God is doing here pity is the farthest thing from what I feel about this wonderful country.

In America it is so easy to become ungrateful. Most of us thank God for our meals but never wonder if there will be food for the next one. When some of these children thank God for their meal it is with a truly grateful heart because there might not be another meal. For these children faith comes easier because they are able to see God working every time another bowl of beans and rice is set before them. In America often we miss the opportunity to see God working around us because we are too busy doing things ourselves. Not leaving room for God to show up but he is there being just as faithful to us as he has been to the children here. As thankful as I am to live in a country full of conveniences and possibilities, this trip has made me realize there is value in trials and times of desperation.

As we leave Belize I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to get a glimpse into what God is doing here. I feel honored that my presence showed God’s love to a few precious children who also taught me about God’s faithfulness. And I feel burdened to not forget these children, and to not forget the lessons that God has taught me here.

“Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.” Psalm 50:15

Kidz Konnect ministries does a wonderful job of discipling these children and helping to raise up a generation of believers that can change the face of Belize. It has been amazing to be a small part of this wonderful ministry and to have met such wonderful people. 🙂

Wesley Hamilton:
Before we came to Belize, at almost every mission meeting in Bradenton, we had a group prayer. During those prayers, I always prayed that God would keep us safe. While we have been here we’ve stayed pretty safe. On Thursday I found a little metal cross in the dirt at Hope Creek School and it felt like God was right there with us. I think it was His way of telling me that it was Him keeping us safe.

I also made about 5 friends. If they lived in Bradenton, they would be one of my best friends in the whole world. I will miss them!

I’m also glad that when we were having fun that no one got hurt, until Friday. I’m so happy that God has provided us to come to Belize and help the kids.


This week has been a blast. I have been awed at the children’s faith despite the poverty. The kids at the school, Hope Creek, have an amazing comprehension for the Bible. After five days of working with the kids, today we had a relax day. We were able to walk around a village by the name of Hopkins. What really amazed me is how they embraced their past unlike America, where people can’t remember the first president. After a day at the beach we came back to our hotel. This trip has been an amazing learning experience for me. This trip has been unBELIZEable!

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