Our Children and Schools Are Under Attack

This is not a political post. While there may or may not be policy changes that could address some of these root issues, no political force can start or stop what is happening. Last Friday a man drove onto my kids’ school campus and drove through the morning car line. He proceeded to yell inappropriate and […]

Leading KidMin During Flu Season

Spring, summer, fall, winter… and somewhere in there lands flu season. Every year flu season is terrible in its own way and this season is not any different. Sometimes families will avoid your nursery or children’s ministry to avoid germs. Here are a few practical ways you can help: Publicly remind parents about your wellness policy. […]

Remarriage and Reality

We have been married for almost six months now. I wrote a few weeks ago about how marriage is not our redemption. While writing that, Dan and I reflected on some tough realities regarding remarriage. We are so grateful that God gave us each other and the gift of a new season of life, however we would be lying […]