Good Friday Family Experience

This past Easter our church wanted to provide a family event that allowed families to talk about the gospel. We created an event prior to our churchwide Good Friday service. Families walked through at their own pace. They had 10-12 activity and prayer stations where they read scripture, did an activity, and talked about it. […]

My Breakout Notes from #CPC19

I just got home from an awesome week at Children’s Pastor’s Conference. I am so grateful for the opportunity to go and connect with many other people who are passionate about ministry to children and families. I met many new people and got to spend some time with precious ministry friends. I also had the […]

When Ministry is Discouraging

If you have been in ministry longer than a minute, you know that it is not always sunshine and roses. There are days that are hard and things go the exact opposite of how you would hope they would go. Sometimes there are many of those days strung together and ministry is a season of […]

Family Advent Launches Dec. 1

Who is this Christmas all about for your family? I know the Sunday School answer is “Jesus”. I also know that personally in our own family there have been years that December has been filled with school events, parties, decorations, buying gifts, concerts, final exams, etc…, that by the time we actually got to Christmas […]