When Church People Attack

A few weeks ago we had an incident where a volunteer expressed great frustration in an intense and disproportionate way to my awesome, sent-from-heaven interim preschool coordinator.  I hated that she had to see this side of ministry so fresh on the job, but she handled it absolutely like a pro.  It did get me […]

Our New Baby Dedication Celebration

We have traditionally incorporated baby dedication in our Sunday morning services, which basically resulted in a baby parade and a quick repeating of promises of dedication.  It was ok, but it wasn’t the best for our parents.  In fact, when we were rushing to get to our second daughter’s dedication, we were in such a […]

Seeking Wisdom

I think one of the greatest leadership lessons in the Bible comes from Solomon. He has the option to ask God for anything in the planet and he asks for wisdom to lead.  And God was obviously very pleased with that.  Several years ago I memorized most of Proverbs 3.  I don’t really even remember […]